About Us

We’re all about grandkids, cooking and photography.

Grandkids give one an opportunity to live life all over

Cooking is inexpensive, therapeutic and creatively good for
the soul.

Photography is for stopping time, sharing that moment and
creating memories.

I used to garden regularly and in fact, obsessively,  but…life shifts.  Much has shifted in my life the past few years which interrupted my work in the garden.  I hope to return soon so that I may once  again enjoy the pleasures of the harvest.

Alan is the expert on the Big Green Egg (BGE).  He is all about Smokin’.   In the winter he cooks on a refurbished wood cook stove.  I, Pam, just cook on a gas stove.  That is all the flame I can handle.

We raised three kids and now have three grandkids.  Our four year old grandson currently loves everything about the kitchen, prepping, cooking and cleaning, as best a four year old can do.  Throughout this blog you’ll see many photos of “Chef Ethan” in the kitchen.

Neither Alan nor myself are educated in the Culinary Arts.  Coincidentally both of us within separate households began cooking in our teeanage years.  Alan’s mother only cooked one meal on Sunday and everyone had to forage the rest of the day.  So began his days of putting yummy ingredients together and enticing his siblings and parents with aromas from the kitchen.

I began cooking when my mother decided to get a job. This was the 1960’s.   I learned through osmosis and no I wasn’t expected to produce the meals she made but enough so to make due.

Alan and I were not the fast food type and so we cooked dinners everynight and our kids grew up sitting at a table, without TV, in an actual dining room with a table of plates and eating utensils and serving platters and bowls filled to their rims.

Now the kids are responsible adults, living in their own homes and we continue to cook everynight.  It wasn’t that hard to go from eight or ten pork chops down to two. In fact, it was real easy.   That said, one of our children with grandkids visits for the weekend frequently and we gladly accommodate.

Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoy the foods we share.

Apple Pickin'

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