Crepes With Scrambled Eggs and Pimentos

crepes with scrambled eggs

Recently, a fellow food blogger, Meg Pitts,  made crepes and posted about them on her blog.  Then, in the latest “Clippings” from Atlanta Botanical Garden, a recipe appeared for crepes.  With that, my interest was peeked.

I haven’t made crepes in years.  The recipe I’ve always used came from a book a friend shared with me when she married 45 years ago.  It was a book published for new brides teaching them how to run a household. Given to brides by the store when registering for china and silver.  We used to laugh together about the idea of living like Laura Petrie.  That was the early 70’s, the women’s liberation era.

Now that crepes have appeared on the cooking radar screen, I decided to track that 50 year old recipe down and make some myself.

Ingredients copied from Happy Living, A Guidebook For Brides, 1965©
Makes 8 thin crepes

1½ cups all-purpose flour
1/2 tsp salt
3 whole eggs
1½ cups milk

Mix the eggs and milk together and then pour into the flour and salt mixture. Mix until smooth. This can be done with a spoon. Ladle 3/4 cup into an eight inch non-stick,skillet. Allow the edges to bubble, about one minute and then flip to the other side for another minute.

Fill with scrambled eggs, pimento and top with cheese and garnish with fresh basil.

If you want crepes on the sweetness side, fill with fruit, wrap, then drizzle syrup and sprinkle confectioner sugar over the top.


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2 responses to “Crepes With Scrambled Eggs and Pimentos”

  1. Susan Marler says :


    You know, being of that same age, isn’t it amazing what we would never fix again? Like all those recipes with raw eggs, lard and such? But this one’s a keeper.

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