I Love Steak!

Sirloin Steak

This is Food Porn at it’s best.  Like the title says…I love steak!  Especially ladled with an oyster/mushroom sauce.

If I don’t have my weekly steak, I experience severe beef withdrawals.

My husband loves steak more than I do. He is the man behind this steak. Look at his plate.  Hardly what would pass the Iron Chef  “Plating” rules.   The first thing he does is ladle sauce all over everything and mix it up. Then he slices, scoops and inserts.  This is fine dining to him.  We could never go to a fine dining restaurant.  Anyone sitting at tables nearby or wait staff would stop dead in their tracks and gawk.  If food is to die for, table manners be damned.

Since I started photographing food, I have to take my own plate and style it and let him take his plate and start eating. Plating is not his thing.  He likes to look at food photos and loves the photos I take but to wait on me to style and photograph? Not gonna happen.  For this photo, I just happen to look over at his plate and said “freeze” and grabbed the camera, which is always within grabbing reach, and shot off six rounds.

I love to see people enjoy food.   I love to witness the beginning indulgences of a meal and hear the familiar sounds responding to fine cuisine… “mmm”, “mmm”, “m.m.m.m.mmmm.”   Eventually, a word emerges. “good!”   …then a few words, “this is great!”  …then an actual bonafide exclamation is made. “This is a really great steak!”  …and then a dialog begins, “…and, that sauce. Do I taste a hint of….?”   “Why, yes, you do taste…”  “What other ingredients are in this sauce?”

My husband grills the steak.  I can not provide instructions for gas grills since he only knows how to use a Big Green Egg.  His temperature is very high, around 600° and the steak is always at room temperature before placing on the grill. (all meat should be at room temperature before cooking)  He seasons with salt and pepper and then places on the grill searing each side for two minutes.  Then he closes off air passages on top and bottom and the steak continues to cook for three to four more minutes.  Depending on the thickness, it may take slightly longer.

Oyster/Mushroom Sauce:

Five or six medium size mushrooms, sliced
Olive oil for the pan
8 oz. beef stock
1 tbls. oyster sauce
1 tbls. soy sauce
1 clove garlic, minced
1 tbls. corn starch

On medium heat, sauté mushrooms until brown and tender then remove from pan and set aside.
Sauté garlic for 20 seconds then add all other ingredients. Allow to thicken.
Add cooked mushrooms back into sauce and warm.

Ladle the sauce over steak and listen to the sounds of savoring pleasures from your table.

We of course, use the same sauce for mashed potatoes as shown in the photo above.


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