The Marriage Between Football and Food

Chip Dip

There was a time when football was just that…football.  Today however, it’s football and food.  It has become the cliché “what comes first, the food or football”.

Beginning every fall weekend, tailgating, be it in the stadium parking lot or on the riverfront with boats tied together, has become the only way to enjoy football at it’s best.  People go to great lengths to trailer in smokers for barbecue.  Trays of food are prepared ahead at home and tables are set up at the back of SUV’s to spread out the food and drink.

Tailgating begins to wind down somewhat after the Christmas Holidays just like beach parties dwindle after July 4th.

The playoffs are finalizing, the games play late into the evening on the east coast but you still relate food to football.

A great late snack is the comfort of chips and dip.  You could even consider it dinner and spare the rush of cooking and cleaning of the kitchen.

I have no idea what this dip is called except by the trade name  “Ro-Tel”

One pound sausage, browned
Two-eight oz packages cream cheese
Two-10 oz cans Ro-Tel, diced tomatoes with chilies

Brown the sausage, drain any grease, add the cream cheese and let melt then add the cans of diced tomatoes. Let simmer a few minutes. Then…grab a Tostito Scoop and indulge.


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