Cooking on Wood Cook Stoves

Wood Cook Stove

My husband has always enjoyed cooking on a wood cook stove.  I on the other hand will stick to my gas stove top.

Biscuits or pie from the oven are quite a treat to indulge. There is that distinctness of country flavor conventional ovens and stoves can’t compete against.

I’m so happy when the house gets cold and he can finally light it up and send wonderful aromas throughout the house. Our kitchen is open rafters to the roof so the aromas go up into the loft and back down the stairwell with the help of a fan set on reverse.

A collection of iron ware is essential although as shown above you can use stainless steel off to the side away from extreme heat.  We haven’t been able to replace all the iron pieces we once had after our house burned down year’s ago… one of the downsides to using fireplaces and wood stoves.


My husband’s specialty is fried chicken.  He has it down to a science.

Frying chicken

Frying chicken

Frying chicken does not have to be on a wood cook stove so for purposes here, I will say use the same methods on your own preferred stove top.


One whole fryer or cut up pieces of a whole chicken

Flour Mixture

2 cups all-purpose flour
2 tsp cinnamon
2 tsp garlic salt
1 tsp chile powder
2 tsp poultry seasoning
1 tsp coarse ground pepper

Liquid Mixture

2 cups milk, skim to whole, no preference
2 eggs

Frying ingredients

1/2 cup canola or sunflower oil  (vegetable oil tends to burn)
1 stick unsalted butter


A ten-inch or twelve-inch skillet

One shallow bowl for liquid and two shallow baking dishes for flour mixture and one platter for chicken

Preparation and Cooking

Cut up and clean the chicken pieces.

On medium heat place your skillet with 1/2 cup canola or sunflower oil with one stick of butter

With a fork, blend the liquid mixture together in a shallow bowl, like a salad bowl but big enough to fit a chicken breast in.

Mix together ingredients of flour mixture and pour half into one baking dish and the other half into the second baking dish. This is for double dipping.

Dip each piece into the flour mixture then the milk mixture then the second flour mixture. Lay each piece onto a platter.

To gauge the heat of the oil, it should be rippling across the top but… drop a bit of flour mixture stuck on your fingers into the skillet of oil. The oil should bubble.

You want the largest pieces of the chicken to go in the hot oil first. Place the breast in and allow to brown slightly on both sides. Add the thighs next turning as with the breast. The wings go in last. When all pieces have browned nicely on both sides, cover with a lid. Steam for eight minutes. Remove lid turn chicken pieces again until crisp on both sides.  It takes about 18 minutes to fry all the chicken.

Frying chicken is not easy the first time or second time around. It is something you have to acquire a flare for. Even I have not fried chicken because I could never improve over my husband’s chicken. There are some dishes I don’t waste valuable time learning.


Just a reminder, always clean thoroughly all utensils and counter space and sink.  Raw chicken is dangerous. Cleaning can be done while the chicken is frying.


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  1. Dorothy Lyner says :

    I LOVE wood stoves. Growing up we had a stove in our a cabin that my parents owned. It was used quite a bit for heat purposes. It reminds me of the outdoors and I love cooking outdoors at a campsite. I’m sure it would take me years as well to get the hang of frying chicken. I think I tried it once and that was it. This recipe sounds wonderful.

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