Baking with Kids

One can only hope that memories of childhood are embedded for life as in the case of Virginia Willis, Cookbook Author of her latest Basic to Brilliant, Y’all.  Virginia reflects on her fond memories of being in her grandmother’s kitchen at the age of three standing on a stool “helping”.  

 Kids Baking Cookies

As with the case of my three year old grandson. He also stands along side his grandma and grandpa. 

For whatever reason as parents we were not as attentive with our kids or perhaps they did not express an interest in baking or cooking.  My husband and I often speak of this and we blame it on spending more time raising kids as opposed to enjoying them.   

Our grandsons love to be in the kitchen and despite the mess we offer encouragement.

Sprinkle decorations on cookies

After all, messes can always be cleaned up but witnessing children having fun playing and being creative in the kitchen is extremely rewarding.

Because my grandkids want to bake “right now”…I know not to go into a long and drawn out recipe.  So I cheated and bought a pre-mixed cookie mix.  Betty Crocker.  Despite what you see in this photo, the cookies were absolutely horrible tasting.  The grown ups on demand from the boys took bites from the cookies and immediately turned around spitting it out.  Incredibly terrible cookies.

Terrible Tasting Betty Crocker CookiesObviously, they enjoyed them.


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2 responses to “Baking with Kids”

  1. Ron Roberts says :

    Great food for thought, Pam. (Un-intended pun.). I think you’re right about spending time “raising kids” back in the day. This will get me focused on my new Granddaughter, and the fun things in life that we’ll be able to do together as she grows up.

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