Oh, Oh! You Just Remembered You Were Assigned Appetizers for a Christmas Party This Weekend


Fast! Grab your wallet and keys. Hop in the car and drive to the grocery store.

Run into the deli section and grab a baguette, preferably small in diameter.

Run over to Aisle 5 and midway down on the right look for a jar of Roasted Bell Peppers.   Walk a few feet further down and find a jar of capers.

Run back to the butcher (if there is one in your neighborhood store) and ask for six slices of bacon.  Otherwise buy a small package of Kroger Brand or Wrights Brand Smoked Bacon.

Run to Aisle 10 and grab a seasonal platter (hopefully Christmasy)

Carefully drive home and sing Jingle Bells to turn your crazed day into a positive, festive outlook.

Now, your safely home.  Turn the oven broiler on High.   Grab a skillet and throw the bacon in it and turn the heat on Medium.

Pull out a cutting board and begin to dice/chop up the bell peppers.  Drain out the capers and mix in with the peppers.  Set aside.

On another cutting board or clean the other one, slice in half the baguette.  Now, thinly slice about 1/2 inch thick all the baguette and place on a cookie sheet. Pour a little bit of olive oil in a bowl and with a pastry brush dab the baguettes. Place in the oven/broiler for about three to five minutes.  Don’t let burn just slightly toasted.

The bacon should be getting done.  Place on a paper towel to drain.   Pour excess grease into a grease can (everyone has a grease can, right?)   Just for added flavoring, toss in the pan of drained grease the roasted bell peppers and capers.  If you happen to have a little wine or Port or Marsala even Bourbon would work.  Pour a little into the pan to de-glaze.  Scrub the bacon residue (or CRUD as Anne Burrell calls it) off the bottom and mix it all up.  Yum.

Remove the pan of baguettes from the oven/broiler.

The bacon should be cooled down now.  Chop it up into bits.

In a bowl, any size…throw all the ingredients in except the baguettes.  Mix well…now, place a spoon of mixture onto a sliced baguette.   Place this tray where the dog or cat can’t get to it.

Run get dressed for the party.

Grab the seasonal platter and place the baguettes on it and cover with something, foil, saran wrap, towel.

Carefully, drive to the party and drink responsibly and eat accordingly.

Have a fun time most of all.


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