Breakfast in Under Eight Minutes


Growing up, my mother always fixed a hearty breakfast.  I never missed a breakfast before school.  Many, many years ago when I was a single working mom, it was hard getting not just myself ready for work but like most, I had my daughter to get ready for school. This was before I married my husband and we blended our families together.  I never left the house without having breakfast for both myself and my daughter.  It wasn’t easy but I planned ahead.  I got up earlier and allowed for time to fix breakfast.

To this very day, I still fix breakfast for myself.  My husband doesn’t want to eat so prefers to go work without.

I decided to test the time it took for me to fix breakfast this morning.  I set the timer for 10 minutes. From there I went to the fridge pulled out eggs, cracked three into a bowl.  I retrieved the skillet, turned on the stove, put a dab of butter in it.

I whisked the eggs, added salt, nutmeg and dill.  I didn’t have cream so I left that out.  It really isin’t necessary for scrambling anyway.  I retrieved a block of cheddar cheese and grated a small amount and put aside.

I then grabbed the bread and put a slice in the toaster and returned to the stove to pour the egg mixture into the now hot skillet.  I moved the mixture around and just before done, I added the cheese.  I let the cheese melt to my liking and scooped onto a plate.

I retrieved the toast, buttered and put some homemade blueberry preserves on the toast.  I then poured a glass of juice and grabbed a magazine and sat down to eat.

Then I got back up and went to look at the timer and it was just turning eight minutes.

Now, obviously one has to allow for time to eat and do a somewhat cleanup. Many, many years ago, I left the skillet in the sink filled with soapy water and dropped the plate and glass in the dishwasher.  When I came home in the evening I cleaned the skillet.  I didn’t have to have a perfectly cleaned kitchen.  I never however, let the skillet go uncleaned over night.  I cleaned my kitchen thoroughly every evening before I went to bed and still clean the kitchen every evening.  I do suffer OCD over a clean kitchen.


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