“Cook Like A Rock Star”

I just received my signed copy. Woohoo! I first noticed Anne when a Sous Chef for Mario Bartoli on Iron Chef. I was fascinated with her expertise in handling her position working along side Mario and her calm approach under stress. It was obvious, the people in the control room noticed this woman of finesse in the kitchen because it wasn’t long before Food Network swept her up and gave her not only one show but two. I watched in awe as grease splattered back into her eye when Anne was doing a Charity Competition on the series “Chopped”. She didn’t win those judges over because she stood before them with makeup on half her face and the other half red and blotchy from the grease. Rather, she won because of her calm reserved manner in which she proceeded through delivering a top quality dish as only Anne Burrell delivers.
I can’t wait to get into the Piccolini….


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