Taylor’s Mom’s Brownie Recipe

A Food Writer’s Blog I follow, Taylor Takes a Taste , was showing a tutorial on the use of Tungsten Lighting and he just happened to include his Mom’s brownie recipe. Any child who believes what their Mom makes in the kitchen is the best, makes me want to try it out.

These are the ingredients. I, of course, cut the recipe in half. Should you want the actual recipe, connect to Taylor’s site I’ve included in this post and scroll to the bottom. If you’re a Tailgater, subscribe to his Tailgating site. He offers up some fine foods from all his travels to football games.

In a deep pot, at least 3.5 or 5 quart size, slowly melt the butter.

Add the sugars and dissolve.
Add the eggs one at a time and work into the mixture.
Add the flour and cocoa, then vanilla and salt.
For this recipe, I baked in an 8×8 size glass pan in a preheated 350° for approx. 35 minutes.
I like to pull out sooner than later for the moistness.
Test with a toothpick and if a small amount of batter adheres to that toothpick, I consider it done. It will continue baking while cooling down but not so much it will be over-baked.

Personally, I thought this recipe was the best. This past weekend, my daughter brought a box of Ghirardelli Brand Brownie Mix. I’ve also made other box mixes. Growing up on Hershey’s, I guess, in my opinion, there is only one chocolate flavor and it’s Hershey.


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