Apple Pickin’ in Blue Ridge, Ga.

It has been a welcome rainy week here in North Georgia.

A brief dry spell during the morning gave me an opportunity to walk out and grab some shots of one tree in particular that I view from my bedroom window.

There is still a lot of green on the trees surrounding the house as well as the mountains across the way and I speculate by next week fall colors will peak.  Not as dramatically as autumn’s past due to the droughts we’ve had these past years, but pretty nonetheless.

…but with these changing colors comes, Apple Pickin’

This weekend, as all the weekends in October, is U-Pick Apples from Mercier Apple Orchard in Blue Ridge, GA.

Celebrating 68 years of business and still operated by the Mercier Family.

This is the original apple house.  The orchard is the largest in the Southeast.

There are many orchards in
the North Georgia  surrounding areas
that compete for the best fried apple pies.

In my opinion, Mercier’s is the best.
When you get fried pies from other orchards they tend to drip with
grease.  If left long enough in the
parchment paper, one has to peal the pie from the paper.  Euwwwww.
Mercier’s is also known for their dinner plate apple fritters,

Apple Bread

…and Cider.

The only orchard to be licensed to press it and sell it.

So, if you happen to visit this humble
community of Blue Ridge, Georgia, be certain to stop by the Orchard and pluck an apple from a

…and take a bite.


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5 responses to “Apple Pickin’ in Blue Ridge, Ga.”

  1. Patsy says :

    Great Story. I’ll have to make it there soon.

  2. Amber Dawn Suman says :

    Merciers is the best!! Now I want a fried pie so bad I can’t stand it!!!!

  3. Rebecca Henderson says :

    Please don’t encourage anyone biting an apple off the tree…they have been sprayed and should be thoroughly washed before eating!

    • rauberphotoworks2010 says :

      Hi Rebecca,
      Thanks so much for viewing this latest blog. I’d like to address your concern. Unless you know something different, Mercier Orchards is an organic orchard. They stand behind picking and eating right off their trees. I really don’t believe this long standing business would give U-Pick to the public if they sprayed bad chemicals. Not to mention, the Feds keep a close watch on them. I know this first hand.

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