Cabbage and Apples – A Nice Side Dish

What to do with leftover cabbage from yesterdays soup?  Cook it with apples and raisins for a nice side dish to pork  loin or a nice chuck roast.  When I was a kid, it was a very rare occasion that we children were invited to spend a night with my father’s parents. Unfortunately, for them, grandchildren were not high up on their list for sharing themselves. Not, for this grandma.  They ate three hot meals a day and by that era, my mother was not fixing a hot meal more than once a day. It was in October. Sitting on top of a hill (which from a child’s perspective was a mountain) the trees outside their tiny 1930’s, green roof, white frame house abundantly displayed an array of fall foliage.  I remember sitting at the formal dining table for lunch.  I had never eaten cabbage before and we were raised to eat everything on your plate, no options.  At first sight, I gagged, but sticking with my upbringing, I took a bite. I couldn’t believe it.  I actually liked it. At that time it was boiled with bacon grease. I, of course, rarely if ever use bacon grease for seasoning.
To this day, every time I make this dish, in October especially, I’m taken back to that little house on top of the hill.
Simmer the sliced cabbage and apples along with some raisins in water for about 30 minutes.  I added a small amount of Red Wine for flavoring.

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  1. Anna Rebecca says :

    Nice new blog! I like cabbage and apples too, no raisins though.

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